Reasons To Play the Lotto

Many people mistakenly dismiss the lottery as a simple form of entertainment and nothing more. Some even think it is foolish and a waste of money. Both of these assumptions about the lottery are inaccurate. In fact there are many reasons why you should play the lotto. These range from simple enjoyment to even the possibility of monetary gain. Below is a brief discussion on why and when you should play the lotto.

When to Play the Lotto
Before telling you why you should play the lotto, it is important to specify when you should play the lotto and when you definitely should not play the lotto. First, you should not play the lotto if you don't have money to spare. The lotto is not a get rich scheme or a tool to get you out of debt. You should only play the lotto when you have money you are willing to lose. The lottery should also not be used as any sort of a stable investment.

An often overlooked benefit of playing the lotto is the motivation it can bring to your financial life. Even though the odds of you winning are very small when you purchase your one or two dollar lottery ticket you can't help but daydream about the possible things you would buy if you won to make your life better. This in and of its self can be a nice way to relax for five minutes a day and forget your worries. However, you can take it a step further by using the lottery to bring out your financial desires. Once you know what you want you can then plan to make it happen. Lotto tickets are also a great way to bond with people close to you by talking about what you would buy if you won or gathering together at the end of the day to view the winning numbers.